Require control-key held down for drag of score page

• Aug 20, 2021 - 04:45

The easiest way of moving forward or backward in a score is by dragging pages. However, dragging is also used for repositioning notes or other elements. This raises the possibility that an accidental swipe could move placed notes out of position. I suggest that dragging the page should only work if e.g. the control key is held down, and that dragging of elements be disabled when control is held. Or is something like this already implemented?


Indeed, scroll wheel or equivalent touch gesture (e.g., two-finger swipe) is definitely the easiest / preferred way of navigating. There are also the standard navigation keys like PgUp, PgDn, Home, and End, plus the Find command, plus the Timeline and the Navigator. So really, dragging the page should be a pretty unusual thing to need to do.

But for that very reason - because it should be a rarely-used command - I wouldn't mind seeing it require a modifier like Ctrl.

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