Is there a way to select and delete lines

• Aug 16, 2021 - 14:29

I am importing from midis. I would like to delete all the lines, the ones connecting notes, in one fell swoop, not one at a time. Possible?


Please define what you mean by "the lines connecting notes". Do you mean beams, slurs or ties? If you click one such occurence in MuseScore, the status bar will show you the data type (at bottom left of the screen).

If you mean slurs or ties:
1. Click one occurence of such a "line"
2. Right-click for the popup menu
3. Choose "Select > All Similar Elelments"
4. Press the Delete key

If you mean beams:
1. Select as many measures as you want "disconnected"
2. Open the Beam Properties palette
3. Click the icon for "No Beam"

Like others, I'm a bit confused as to which lines you mean. Attachings your score - or better yet in this case,e the MIDI file - would help. When importing from MIDI, the only kinds of line I can think of that would be present are ties and beams, and in either case, removing them makes no musical sense. Removing ties causes long notes to sound multiple times, removing beams would turn eighths notes into quarter notes but with too many of them in a measure.

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