Slur vs Tie

• Aug 15, 2021 - 12:32

I know in music a slur is when the musical notes are linked together and are of different notes like when going from a G to an A and a tie is when the musical notes are linked and stay on the same note like A4 to A4. However I have noticed in Musescore you can select two notes of the same pitch and press S to create a slur and Musescore doesn't seem to bother the fact that I've create a slur for what should be a tie. Does musescore just automatically realise that I'm actually trying to create a tie and turns it into a tie - also visually it doesn't make any difference but when musescore is actually playing the music does it play slurs and ties differently?

The reason I'm asking is usually when creating music in musescore I go through and put the notes in first then add the slurs/ties afterwards. A few times I've been going along selecting multiple notes put them as slur and then realise they are ties, deleting it and re-adding them as ties but is this needed or would it not have made any difference?


Hi thanks for that, yeah I knew how to create the two different ones but what I was actually asking is does the music play any differently if you accidentally marked something as a slur that was in fact a tie or does musescore just figure it out itself. Like if I'm going along putting the slurs in and then realise I've done a tie as a slur is it worth going back deleting it and replacing it with a tie or does musescore not care either way.

Slurs would normallly indeed be added after, like other optional articulations markings. But ties are an absolutely integral part of the music - as significant as the difference between a quarter note and half note - and would normally be added while entering the notes. Way easier too - the tie command adds both the tie and the note at once all in one click. Be sure to review the Handbook on note input and ties in particular to learn how this works.

Anyhow, as noted, ties and slurs might look similar but are pretty unrelated. Ties play like ties, slurs play like slurs (sort of, they don't actually do much at all currently). Musescore doesn't attempt to correct you if you enter a slur when you "meant" a tie.

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Ties aren't not an "anything else" like slurs, they are an absolutely integral part of rhythm. They control the duration of a note just as surely as dots or tuplets do. So one should normally enter ties as ties directly while entering the notes for the same reason you enter quarter notes as quarter notes directly while entering the notes. You don't enter a half note then try to "color it in" later to turn it into a quarter note. One would normally enter the correct duration correctly to begin with. And ties are part of the duration of a note. A quarter note lasts one beat, a half note lasts two beats, a dotted half lasts three beats, a dotted half tied to an eighth lasts three and an half beats. All of this is the sort of thing one should normally be entering correctly from the beginning rather than entering incorrectly then fixing later.

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