adding text for accordion bass line

• Aug 14, 2021 - 14:35

I'm struggling with the notation for my left hand, bass line, accordion:
I need to name the notes underneath.
How do I do this?
I succesfully added the Ms and ms above the notes, using staff text.
Bildschirmfoto 2021-08-14 um 15.08.28.png


Depending on the rest of the score, there are a few possibilities.

One would be to use Chord Symbols and set the style so it allows for lower case letters. Advantage is transposition. Disadvantage could be getting the style settings right, and not using chord symbols for chord symbols any more.

Another way is to (ab)use lyrics for this. Works fairly easy as long as the indications are on notes. A bit more manual markup will be required and those won't transpose along with the notes.

And finally you can use more Staff Text, which is probably the most labor intensive one.

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