Object selection with just mouse or pen

• Aug 12, 2021 - 20:31

I would like to be able to work on Windows touch screen PC, with a pen.

The main bottleneck right now is to select a group of notes for copy/paste. To select more notes in MuseScore currently you need to press the SHIFT key or CONTROL key. But, with the keyboard stowed away in tablet mode this is not possible.

So, here's my request for another way to select a group of notes without using the keyboard.


I have a Surface Go with MuseScore on it. I can see the attraction to using it in tablet mode with the pen. Yet there are so many things that don't work. Both in tablet mode and regular mode without a keyboard. Invoking the onscreen keyboard doesn't help. Any kind of text entry doesn't seem to work for me. Most people who use MS seem to use shortcuts to do most everything. Then there are some mousers like me. I use my Surface mostly for work, so I have it hooked up to its keyboard all the time. It's small enough that it isn't a problem.

All that said, I wonder how much of the problem is because of MuseScore and how much is fault of the OS.

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Well, except that the OP isn't using a tablet. It's not Android or iOS, it's a W10 computer. Tablet mode makes it possible to detach the keyboard and turn the computer lengthwise and use touch or a pen on it like it is paper. The onscreen keyboard doesn't seem to work with MuseScore. So there is no way to select a range of objects.

Tablet mode is available even on desktops. Though I'm not sure why.

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Hi, I agree it would be convenient to use MuseScore using only the mouse or a pen. This issue is really specific for MuseScore and not the OS. In fact, in most programs (DAW's included) you can select notes just by clicking-and-holding the mouse button down while dragging with the mouse.
In MuseScore, if you do that, the page is panned, which I personally find more annoying than useful... For panning I would prefer to use the scroll bars.
As far as I can think of, selecting multiple notes is about the only thing you cannot do without a keyboard in MuseScore, besides typing text.
Also it is not just to provide tablet support, it's also a matter of improved mouse support :)

Anyways, I love MuseScore!!

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When I click-hold a note I can drag it,

I discovered that there is a way to range select when the keyboard is disconnected.
Remove the keyboard. Don't go into tablet mode.
Invoke the on screen keyboard from Settings/Ease of access. then minimise it till you need it.
When it's time, maximise it. Select the first object. Hit Shift. On mine it locks. Select the end of the range.

Kind of a hassle, but it is at least something.

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