Musescore Crashing in Catalina (Mac)

• Aug 11, 2021 - 14:26

I downloaded MuseScore onto a Mac computer running Catalina, an every time it opens it shows the sample score, then immediately crashes. When I reopen it, it asks if I want to restore session. I have tried clicking yes and no, and it then pops up the sample score page, then crashes. Is there a special setting to change to keep it up to work on a project?


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I wasn’t suggesting my new subscription had anything to do with it crashing. Sorry my membership terminology was incorrect as well. I have paid for the Pro version which so far has failed to open. I find that mildly irritating and was looking for some help. Maybe I’m stupid but I haven’t the faintest idea what command lines are or how to use them. Up until now I have either clicked on a file or clicked on the app and the programme opened.

I love MuseScore. I’d just want to be able to open it.

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Not by opening a score, better by starting MuseScore ;-). If you're running MuseScore with the "-F" option, the same steps shouldn't be necessary the next time of starting the application after it.
Another case, if it works for example with the command line option "-w", disable it after success in the menu edit->preferences... "show startcenter".

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This is what the book says I should do: mscore [options] [filename …] (Mac and Linux/BSD/Unix)

I really don't get this. Do I literally type:

mscore [-F] [Dophin_Dance.mscz] (Mac and Linux/BSD/Unix)

Not suprisingly that doesn't work. So what do I leave out?

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Type only
mscore -F

If that works, then close MuseScore normally and try to run it normally as well. If it didn't work out, then try
mscore -w

If that one works, go into Edit > Preferences and disable "show start center" then close MuseScore normally and try to run it normally as well.

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To be clear: there is no Pro version of the MuseScore notation software. Pro is a subscription to a service provided by a website, not a program that runs on your computer. Paying for a Pro membership to that particular website doesn't involve running a program on your computer at all, MuseScore or Word or Minecraft or anything else. Whether or not the MuseScore notation software opens or not has no bearing whatsoever on your Pro membership to that specific website. All the benefits of your Pro membership to that site apply whether or not you even have the MuseScore notation software installed on your system.

I am having the same issue running Musescore 3.6.2 which I downloaded today on Aug. 16, 2021 on MacOS Catalina 11.3.1. When opening the application the first time, I was taken through the wizard for editing the settings and then the application crashed. All subsequent attempts at opening the application also crashed as soon as the sample file appeared on the screen. I also tried using the following command
/Applications/MuseScore\ -F
in the terminal. This did reset the settings as I was taken to the setup wizard again. Once the wizard was closed, the app would crash as soon as the sample file was opened.

If I open a .mscz file directly from the drive, then the application will open properly. If I try to open the application by clicking on the application icon only, then the application crashes as soon as the sample file appears.

I hope this helps to figure out this bug!

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My options were to go to Musescore -> Preferences and then unticked/unchecked the Show Splash Screen. I also changed the startup to start with previous session. This worked only if I kept a session active when I quit Musescore. If I do not have a session active, quit the application, and then restart the application, the application crashes when the splash screen appears.

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Sorry for the confusion. I have tested trying to open the application when the splash screen is turned off and when the start center is turned off. The application will crash when the start center is turned on and the application is being opened without the use of a file (ie double clicking on the application icon). The application does not crash when the start center is turned off. Again, this is for MacOS 11.3.1 (Big Sur)

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I have the latest Mac update. As far as my technical limitations will allow me, I have done everything that has been suggested, both here and in the manual. Nothing has changed, it starts to load then the warning comes on about restoring or removing the last open file and then it crashes.

I have about 40 or 50 Musescore downloads that have worked perfectly for past 6 months and now none of them will open.

I guess I’m just unlucky. Of course I can find them on the site and play them that way but it’s not the same.

After a lifetime using the most famous and complex graphics programs, many of which had significant teething problems, I have never encountered anything like this.

When I first discovered MuseScore I thought it was too good to be true. For me it is.

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No changes that I can put my finger on. All my other music programs like Audacity are working just fine. However your Firewall thought is interesting.

As an aside I assume that other Mac users here are not having any problems with Musescore? If I’m a one-off maybe I’ve got a problem with the Mac itself?

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Jojo I can’t find your post on here where you mentioned the word ‘firewall’ but you did. Eventually I investigated that, changed the setting and almost instantly the room lit up with my downloaded mscore files. Why this all happened to the iMac in first place remains a mystery. Frankly I don’t care. All I can do is thank you. No one else got even close. THANK YOU.

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