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• Sep 5, 2014 - 22:02

I've tested the nightlies earlier and the sound has worked better than in the stable 1.3 version, when it comes to sound quality. Now when I tested the 2.0 Beta version, it seemed to have the same good quality as in the nightlies, but it was almost impossible to get a decent playback without stuttering, if I had three or more instruments. Saving a wav seemed to work, but real time playback didn't. Do we need some super fast cutting edge computers to get the playback to work with the 2.0 Beta?


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I have a Fujitsu laptop, Intel core i5-2430M 2.4 GHz, RAM 4 GB, Win 7.
Here's a link to a recording of the stuttering playback.
You might hear a reverb there. But I even picked away the reverb effect and the stuttering was exactly the same.

And here's the same music playbacked with MS 1.3

Could it have to do with the fact that the score was written in 1.3 and only read into 2.0?

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Don't know much about hardware and drivers and stuff. I went to see what I find among Sound, Video and game units (sorry, trying to translate from Swedish). And there I found some "Screaming Bee LLC", which relates to some voice changing software I had to use recently. The stuff probably was active somehow, not interacting with anything audio related. Except MuseScore 2.0. I uninstalled it. Then I tested the playback in MS 2.0 and it appears to be ok.

I really don't need the Screaming Bee stuff anymore. My problem seems solved. Thanks for pointing out the drivers. But it still leaves the impression that MS 2.0 playback can't handle things that MS 1.3 can.

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Yes these applications which install background services and tasks which launch themselves without your knowledge are a pain.

I have had these kinds of run ins myself with them.

Basically it is down to the application programmers to not install services etc on startup that aren't required when the program is running.

Unfortunately many of them assume you are going to have their software running every time you boot it up, and consequently cause all sorts of clashes with other software.

Sadly there is no way that we can catch a clash like this on startup.

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