MP3 export disregards synthetizer effects

• Aug 8, 2021 - 23:40
  1. create a score, add some notes
  2. choose Zita1 in the syntetizer and change the effects
  3. press "save to score" in the synthetizer
  4. close the synthetizer and save the score
  5. export the score to MP3

expectation: MP3 file sounds like when the score is played back in the application
reality: the synthetizer effects are missing from the MP3 render, sounds like the "raw" sound without effects


Works fine for me in 3.6.2 too. Can you attach a sample score and give the precise settings that aren't working for you? Zita1 should already be enabled by default and definitely seems to be active in the MP3 output any time I export mp3. Hitting "save to score" shouldn't be necessary here, but I just tested, and it's harmless - works perfectly for me either way.

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Can you give the precise settings that aren't working for you? I've opened you score, I go to view / Synthesizer. Now what do I do in order to hear a problem? Certainly if I export it right away with the default Zita1 settings, I hear that subtle reverb in the mp3. And if I turn the dry/wet mix all the way up or all the way down, I hear that too. Is there some other setting that doesn't get exported?

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