How to split notes into subdivisions?

• Aug 5, 2021 - 18:35


Total noob with musescore here, so please bear with me!

I want to split a pattern of whole notes into a pattern of, respectively, half and quarter notes, so that instead of:
C | B | C | C (4 whole notes)
I would end up with:
C C | B B | C C | CC (8 half notes)
CCCC|BBBB|CCCC|CCCC (quarter notes)

Is there a simple way to create this transition?



It's not something that would ever come up in the normal course of music creation, so no automatic facility for it, no. Probably a plugin could be created for it if for some reason you end up needing a lot. Or, you could try just changing the time signature to 2/4 or 1/4., which would do the split for you because then it's musically relevant. And then if you change it back to 4/4, it will leave the split in place (until you do Tools / Regroup Rhythms, which is designed to fix things like that).

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" I still have to manually delete the ties that are created"

  1. Select the first tie
  2. Right-click the tie for its popup menu, choose Select > More... > Select Element Type: Tie Segment
  3. Click OK to select all ties in your score
  4. Click Delete to remove all ties from your score

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Well, even if you don't, I would humbly disagree with your previous speaker. I find it not so rare that some tune is written in full or half note, and later that tune is repeated in subdivided, or repetitive, style. It might be even usual in accompanying parts like bass, strings, timpani, or whatever. How easy life could be if you could simply copy the tune and then subdivide with one click.

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Would be interesting to see a study of published music to ascertain how common it is. I doubt I've seen it in more than a fraction of a percentage of all scores I've studied. But anyhow, if it's common for enough people, one of them would probably be able to writer a plugin to automate it.

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I found the slashes in the end par accident. English is not my mother tongue and I never would have expected to find this under tremolo.... The dots I entered with stave text ("tremolo" changed to ....). Not sure if it is the right way as I cannot find any document about it. Suggestions are welcome!

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