Chord notation won't print correctly when using Edwin on a Mac and an HP printer

• Aug 5, 2021 - 17:55
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Hi. When creating chord notation, a chord that has a sharp or flat will not print correctly. The sharp or flat symbol is missing. This happens no matter which font I select. It will export correctly as a PDF, but then the PDF will also not print the sharp or flat. I'm wondering if it's an issue with my printer (an HP LaserJet Pro 400). In the attached score, it's noticeable on page 2: the Abm chord.

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Workaroud might be to upload to (via File > Save online) and download the PDF from there (generated by Linux, not macOS)

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Wow! Your PDF printed just fine. Even when I chose Export > PDF in MuseScore, it had the same glitch when it printed. (They all look fine on my screen.) I wonder what's causing that. As I said, I've tried every different font in MuseScore and the glitch always happened, which is why I thought it was my printer. What's odd is that the only thing affected are the sharp and flat symbols in the chord notations. Everything else prints fine.

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So the change from Edwin to FreeSerif fixed it? If so we do have a good workaround and this is a (rather bad) regression

Status active fixed
Fix version 4.0.0

Fixed in Edwin 0.53, to be added to the MuseScore master branch shortly, certainly before any 4.0 alpha or beta

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The issue was not fixed for edwin's italic variant - so now when I try to take a guitar chord and change it into an italic style the accidentals go missing.

I can see in font forge that the glyphs for those are missing in the italic variant of the font, but I can't seem to save it, as it thinks there are some sort of errors in the font (can't even save it without making any changes). So I'm stuck with the same workaround.

Also it's not just mac - I'm on a PC.

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Are you sure? The issue has never been fixed for 3.x, only for 4.0, which is currently in an Alpha state.

But for me, in MuseScore 3.6.2 on Windows 11 that score does print just fine (i.e. including the accidentals in the italic chord symbols, which don't look italic though), on an HP OfficeJet Pro 8620.

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Does that mean I could download a copy of edwin that includes the necessary italic glyphs and use that with Musescore 3.6.2, removing the issue for me? Because I can see when I look at the actual font glyphs that there are no sharp/flat/natural glyps in my copy of Edwin-Italic.otf (v. 0.53).

The problem seems that you do have that font installed rather than using the builtin one. So you're using the one with that particular bug.
Explains why I can't reproduce with 3.6.2 (not having that font installed)

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