Whatever happened to [DELETED] 1831606?

• Aug 3, 2021 - 16:11

For six years, [DELETED] 1831606 has posted on this discussion forum. What happened? [DELETED] 1831606 has made so many useful contributions to our project that it stuns me to note the It's absence. Was this deletion a self-inflicted wound?

I see that It was last seen in Composer's Corner.


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It is never good to talk about users who are no longer active in the forum. I don't know anything about the reasons, but I respect them (even if I appreciated his knowledge). At least for me, I think, such an attitude is not the worst.

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What attitude? I think he had many issues. I wanted to connect with him because of those issues. He had an issue with telemetry that went ignored. The link that stringer provided is from a year ago. Honestly, I thought we were just having some harmless fun.

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The attitude of never talking about users who are no longer active and have no way to respond themselves ;-).
If you want to contact him, maybe it's possible to do this on his personal web site (after a short look there seems to be a contact form). But I'm not sure.
But please respect it, that he leaves this forum (as well as other contributors/supporters of the forum since it exists).

note: And I do not think that you are the reason.

OK. So let's just make note that the function of [DELETED] 1831606 was primarily as a transcriber. That makes two excellent people that we have lost in the past year.

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kuwitt • Aug 8, 2021 - 16:51
...sometimes also a very emotional discussant (if I remember that Paskhuli thread ;-).

That had to be one of the greatest troll threads ever - except that P was for real! It was incredible how far it got out of hand before getting canned.

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For some weird reason, the .com site lists me as banned. I got no notification or anything, so I assume this is a bug in the server software, but… I’m not uploading any new transcriptions there either. I self-publish (like BSG), and I upload to free-scores point com (like Mike Magatagan) what I can, though I’ll miss the discussions.

(Of course I know I’m nowhere even near BSG’s niveau, but I’m somewhat steadily producing digital editions of old music as well.)

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I can’t seem to message people on .com any more, and couldn’t find staffers on .org, so I wrote a bugreport using the form first (before I even saw the profile lists me as banned), and then wrote support@.com but only got an autoresponder that I was to go to the .org forums for support.

Nothing else yet. We’ll see.

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Indeed. I got a mail response saying:

> Your account under mirabilos / [email] has been unbanned.
> Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

No reason mentioned; so thanks @shoogle for mentioning it apparently was a mistake.

You also have to understand that the time he left was a time of high tension for most of the community as well. There were many discussions about visions of the future and how trash the website was and users leaving and trolls posting purposely controversial discussions and so much more, and BSG was involved with all of it. I believe that he left not only because of the reasons on his website but also how the community was turning into more of a discussion community than a musical community, and the staff was also bothering him a lot due to their opinions about how the website should be run (I think). Also, this may or may not be related to BSG's departure, but many people including him hated the rating system and were angry that any random person with no musical experience could rate any score 1 star as a "joke" and then was not required to explain why it needed so much improvement.

This probably wasn't liked with BSG's departure, but discussions such as this definitely didn't create a great atmosphere for active users of the community like BSG: https://musescore.com/groups/improving-musescore-com/discuss/5098710

Note that not all of this information is guaranteed to be accurate, but I want to provide as much info as possible about what could happen, especially because most active users in the musescore.com community aren't super active here, and vice versa.

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I sent him an eMail in EBCDIC encoding. Maybe that’ll amuse him. ☻

(If it doesn’t explode his mailer. None of these I use handle the message correctly, but they explode less than they do on UTF-16-encoded mails. I had to write it by hand, correct headers and encoding and all. Not a hard task for me, but still amusing.)

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Cool, I guess you learn a new thing every day :)
And BSG, if you see this message, I would like to see if somehow you could get all of your suggestions for musescore.com (just like a bulleted list with a couple of reasons why it improves the site for each bullet) and I can see if I can sift through those ideas and find ones that the staff might actually think about and maybe even implement them into the website when proposed to them (of course by me) with some backing up from other members of the community. Believe it or not, when you left, the whole site started making discussions about where you went and what happened and if they could reach you, and even now, there are still updates about you and your website and what happened with you. Plus, your absence certainly shook up staff and others even after being gifted lifetime PRO. You are still a very influential person on this site, and I believe your ideas could be good, just presented by another person with a slightly different speech style. Thanks to both of you, Jojo-Schmitz and BSG, and if you are reading this, think about if you would be willing to talk with me on maybe a new alt of yours :)

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After reading his page, I'd say he's a veritable "Mr. Ed."

But let us continue to sing our praises for our dearly departed one. Many of you have said wonderful things that bring a tear to my eye. Allow me to eulogize DELETED 1831606. Few of you know that DELETED 1831606 was one of the greatest punctuationists who ever posted here. Many a time, while engaged in some intellectual contest, I would read his arguments and admire his punctuation_ He would place his question marks perfectly; Never did he omit a wanting period¡ No¿ Not he; his punctuation was impeccable? Often, after posting some non-sensical rant, he would remove the offending words and leave nothing but a simple period behind. That is the mark of a true master of the art of punctuation.

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As mentioned, I appreciated the high skills of BSG. I also learned from it. But again, please respect, it was his personal decision. IMHO, if it's really necceassry to open a thread for a VIP, it's for me Werner Schweer. But I'm afraid he wont like it ;-).

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