Instrument voice not heard in exported tracks

• Jul 31, 2021 - 21:35

After I've exported a score (in this case five-part string orchestra) to mp3 or wav. the top instrument can't be heard. Tried restarting program, restarting computer, checking instrument & children in mixer, etc., but can't find a fix. Anyone??


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You wrote:
The issue particularly is the solo violin in measure 78.

What issue is that? You mention that "the top instrument can't be heard". Is that what you mean here?
Listening using MuseScore_General.sf3 soundfont, at measure 78 the solo violin plays arco while all others play pizzicato. I can certainly hear the violin (top instrument).

Since your score has assorted instructions for solo, tutti, pizz., arco., etc. I think you should re-work this with a better sound font, or use violins for tutti, or keep things the way they are but change the dynamics symbols for the "top instrument" wherever you wish to hear it played louder (or have the others play softer).
Then you won't have to "fiddle around in the mixer at times to get it to play".
Remember, MuseScore's playback (though improving over the years) was not designed to create a polished studio recording.

BTW: regarding string orchestra you might be interested in this recent discussion:

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