How achieve "f-mp" dynamic

• Jul 28, 2021 - 23:30

In the dynamics we have "fp" and other variants, but I'm after "f-mp" i.e. forte reducing to mezzopiano.
When I try to edit a dynamic marking e.g. to turn "fp" into "f-mp" the fonts go weird... even if I copy a "mp" into the "fp" it doesn't look right.
And if I add some stave text and change its style to "Dynamics" it looks completely different again.
I'm using default settings - haven't changed any fonts as far as I'm aware.
It seems the dynamics added from the pallet have some hidden special formatting?
I can add images if it's not obvious what I mean?


The letters p, m, and f that appear in dynamics aren't just regular letters in a different font - they are totally different characters. That's why typing regular p, m, and f doesn't work as expected, and why Ctrl+Shift plus those letters enters the special characters you actually need.

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