Barline within a bar?

• Jul 28, 2021 - 23:03

Hi, I'd like to replicate this effect, where a double barline is used within the normal bar to indicate a change in tempo and style Screenshot 2021-07-28 230127.jpg
The barlines in Musescore seem only to want to go on the actual barlines... any ideas? could I split this into two bars, one with three beats the other with one? And exclude one of them from the bar count? Any other way?


Splitting the measure via Tools / Measure / Split Measure Before Selected Note/Rest is actually the best idea in my opinion - it would be necessary anyhow if you want to put repeats there, or add a line break there, etc. And yes, then exclude the second half from the count in Measure Properties. But if none of those things matter, you *can" add a mid-measure barline, just select the note you want to add it in front of before clicking the desired barline icon in the palette. You'd have to add to each staff individually and manage the extension between staves manually (eg, by setting "Span to next staff" in the Inspector).

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