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I was recently transcribing some parts from Maurice Jarre's "Lawrence of Arabia", but this one flute part continues to bother me because I can't get it quite right. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make it better / more accurate? This is what I got:

Screenshot 2021-07-27 201536.png


Firstly you need to raise it an octave.

You have got most of the pitches but the note durations are wrong. Consider stripping the audio from the video, saving as an MP3 and then importing it into MuseScore. You might get a messy score but it should give you clue as to the note durations.

i don't think this will fit into a strict 4/4 and i think the original was deliberately non-Western/non-classical. This means you will need to have bars of varying duration and possibly need to incorporate breath marks/pauses.

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Thank you so much for the suggestions! I will definitely use the mp3 to midi technique from now on for tricky rhythms. Is there any standard way I should mark this as a non-western rhythm? Also, I won't play this with a normal flute, that's why it's an octave lower.

I also found a more clear and extended version of the track. It's quite odd because the movie never uses this flute part, but it's in every recording of the soundtrack.


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Instead of trying to write exactly how it is played, I think it would be more accurate to identify the phrases and write them accordingly. So the player will interpret it better.
Of course, you can also write phrases in other ways according to your own interpretation.

Since the player is freed, "Freely with expression" or "ad libitum" can be written next to the tempo part.

My suggestion:

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Some things to consider:

I think what you posted first is fine. Just mark it Ad lib. No need to complicate it by trying to transcribe exactly what you hear. The next time this person played it (probably never, this was a one time recording session) they would have played it different. The octave is correct.

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I think ZMD comes closest with the .mscz file marked "ad libitum". The octave is right in that score because the instrument selected is a piccolo but if you play it on a standard flute I'd still say you need to score it up an octave to match the pitch of the recorded soundtrack.

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