How to adjust the length of beams

• Jul 27, 2021 - 08:42

I've attached two versions of 2 bars each and a scanned copy of the original score.
In bar 12, treble staff there are two notes, G and B, in the voice 3. As you can see, either version looks dreadful. While I can move the note-heads and stems, I've yet to find out how to adjust the beam length.

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Thanks guys, it works :o)
I'm somewhat struggling with some of the terminologies used in Musescore; I never looked at "Chords" because in my mind a chord is a group of notes being played simultaneously. It appears that chords in Musescore also means all the elements that define a note, i.e., its notehead, stem, beam etc.
Thanks again for your prompt advices and explanation.

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Think of it this way:

If you do have a chord - multiple notes played simultaneously - what notational elements will they share? Those are the things affected by the "chord" section of the Inspector. So that if you do have a chord, all the notes within it are affected simultaneously. Once you realize that, it is but a small step to realize that those same properties can apply even to single notes. It's just a question of grouping: which properties would apply to all elements of a chord simultaneously, and which would apply to notes individually within a chord.

The naming is indeed a little unfortunate, but after all these years, no one has suggested a better one.

MuseScore 4.2 The inspector radically changed, I used:
Select notehead --> Properties (F8, the old Inspector) --> Appearance --> Offset (horizontal one).

It moves Notehead, Stem, Beam Lenght all together

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