Eighth note followed by eighth rest not rendering

• Jul 26, 2021 - 22:19

I have a piece with several instances of an eighth note followed by an eighth rest that render as simply a quarter note with a staccato mark. The input file is a MIDI file. These instances are rendered correctly using more than one notation program, but not musescore.

The file is attached. See measure 24 & 25 for an example.

Is there some setting that will cause these combinations to render correctly?

FYI: an eighth rest followed by an eighth note is rendered correctly by musescore.

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Sonatine1x.mid 20.1 KB


MIDI doesn't have any way to distinguish a staccato quarter from an eighth note, or from a sixteenth, or triplet, or any other notated duration. So there is no one "correct" way to interpret that MIDI data. I think most human musicians (and professional editors) would prefer the staccato quarter notation in cases like this. But if you have special reason to prefer the notation with rests, simply uncheck the "simplify durations" box in the MIDI import panel then hit Apply.

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