Chord symbol formatting - boxes or circles

• Jul 24, 2021 - 19:44

In MS 3.62 I cannot find where/how I can put chord symbols/names in either a box or a circle. I have looked in the inspector, the handbook, format-style-chord symbols, etc. Can someone tell me where that command is?

Thank you.


Chord symbols and other text elements can be placed within rectanlges or circles via the Frame setting in the Inspector. Do that for one then hit the "Set as style" button ("S" icon) to get it for all. Or, equivalently, make that same setting in Format / Style / Text Styles / Chord Symbols.

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This is no longer valid in MS4, right? The View menu no longer has an "Inspector" command, and F8 just toggles between the Instruments and Properties palettes.
Oh, never mind—I answered my own question. In MS4, the Properties palette is what's called the Inspector in previous versions.
I checked this thread because I wanted to box the Segno in the lead sheet I'm doing (a standard practice, to make it easier for sightreading players to spot). When I selected the Segno, I saw no Frame (box) options in Properties. However, I clicked "More..." and saw I could apply the Rehearsal Mark text style to it, which is boxed. This made the Segno considerably smaller, so I adjusted Font > Size to compensate.


Oh, and it seemed like a good idea to clear the "Auto-place" checkbox, too (not in screenshot) so it wouldn't wander around.

You said there was a way to make this a persistent style change, too? If I do so, then save a copy of this score as a lead sheet "template", will the change stay with it? Thanks!

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I'm guessing this "jazz leadsheet" you're referring to is one of those things with a font meant to look like it was done in a Magic Marker, by people without access to proper notation tools? Trying a bit too hard for that hipster illegal-fakebook-bought-from-a-guy-in-a-trench-coat look, if you ask me... I'll stick with lovely 'n' legible Leland, thanks. 😏

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And I'm a jazz musician saying this, BTW, re the "jazz" font 😆

Marc S.> Doesn’t matter which you start with, the point is the same: any score yoh save to your Templates folder is available to use as a template with your preferred style settings intact.


bobjp> Hmm. You do that, funny guy. People are trying to help you.

Sure, and I always appreciate it—but I don't think humour's actually prohibited here, is it? (At least some of you aren't Canadians, certainly. 🍁😐 )

I might also point out—okay, I will point it out—that technically, sarcasm is a form of humour. So by calling me “funny guy”, you’re being funny too... But you knew you were multitalented, right?

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Sorry, I think I'd had a bit too much coffee when I posted that last post, as I remember...

For what it's worth, fellows, if I say anything strange-sounding around here, I'm just having a bit of fun, never intending it mean-heartedly. (Is that a word?)

It's also exciting getting to hang out with people with such a common music-related interest... And when some of us are excited, we get a bit goofy. But it's just us here—creating music and exploring this great software—it's a happy thing, right? That's how I see it, anyway.

Also, as MS continues to rocket in popularity, I imagine you'll be getting more and more of us Creative Artiste Types here who are genetically incapable of Remaining Serious All The Time. So you may as well shrug and put up with us, as it requires much less energy. I'm mentioning this as a humanitarian gesture. 😁

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I'm correcting myself here... There is indeed a "Frame" option for the Segno symbol, which you see by clicking "More":


I missed it because, on selecting the Segno and opening Properties, I immediately clicked "Appearance"—which actually hides the settings for how it appears, and shows those regarding its position:


Could there be a bit of semantic confusion here? 🤨

Software developers' biggest challenge is imagining what it's like not to know where everything is and how everything works. That's why they hire professional dummies (AKA technical writers) like me—because we don't have to imagine. 😉

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