Can't set beams correctly

• Jul 24, 2021 - 17:11

In this example I want a beam joining the first two eighth notes. The Beam start tool does not function, and I can't find any other way to do it.

Version revision 3224f34, Linux

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OK, I found the solution. Apply the "Beam middle" tool to the second note. This is deceptive because the second note terminates the beam. I don't know what the function of the "Beam middle" tool is, but in this context it's misnamed.

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It's indeed not an ideal name, think of it more as "don't force a start or end here, but allow the beam to continue through if the surrounding notes also agree". So if the next note says "start a beam with me", that wins, and it won't force the previous note to be a middle. Similarly, if the previous note doesn't get a beam at all, that wins. If can think of a simpler way to say that, it could definitely considered for the future!

However, bigger question here: why are you wanting to create this beaming? It's incorrect for 6/8. The beaming you are creating would be correct in 3/4.

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It's hemiola, and the notation unambiguously describes the rhythm. There's a lot of that in this type of music, and it is definitely NOT 3/4.

I did some trial and error. If I apply "Beam begin" to the C#, it does nothing, so it doesn't actually begin a beam. Would it be fair to say that "Beam begin" cuts the beam, and "Beam middle" joins the beam? If so, why not just call them "Cut beam" and "Join beam"?

Select the fourth note (A eighth) and apply second symbol (Beam Middle) in Beam Properties palette.
But now, it will look to a 3/4 time signature, instead 6/8, no?

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