Unable to delete errors with mouse anymore

• Jul 24, 2021 - 01:22

I now cannot delete any of the unwanted note/rests in a saved score that I have previously
been able to do with a mouse?
I have MuseScore 3 installed and I am told to make these elements invisible??? ONE AT A TIME!!!
This will take HOURS to achieve whereas before I could delete any/all of the notes/elements with one keystroke with the mouse!
MuseScore is a fantastic piece of software so WHY has version 3 been crippled in this way?
All the previous versions and updates allowed this ESSENTIAL keyboard easy note and element removal….
WHY make this annoying nuisance change when it NOW takes so much time to correct?
Heavy user of this incredible software…
(A file download will not help as it does not show the problem)


I've only ever used MS 3.x onwards, so deleting with a mouse seems counter-intuitive. If I want to delete, I highlight what I wish to get rid of and hit the [Del] key (delete on the Mac) on my keyboard. And the whole selection is deleted with one stroke of the keyboard.

Can you explain what you mean in more detail? How were you previously deleting notes or rests using the mouse? I can't think of any changes in how that might work - right-click brings up a context menu with both Cut and Delete. Of course, the mouse isn't the only way to delete things - the keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+X and Delete also work, same for the menus. And there is a new option that didn't exist prior to MuseScore 3 - the ability to delete beats from within measures. I can't think of any capability that has removed, only new capabilities added.

Is there something else you are talking about? Something else you were formerly doing with the mouse that has changed somehow?

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