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• Jul 21, 2021 - 15:52

Has there been an update of the barbershop template since 2018 that allows on just one treble and one bass clef each vocal part, tenor, Lead, baritone and bass that can be set up and exported individually as MP3s, with full separate control of the instrument sound to each part. The volume of each part should be individually controllable such that a full mix can also be produced with the volume of each part set to provide a predominant single part and other parts at a lower level. This is so that separate teach tracks can be produced. The existing Musescore Barbershop template that I have been works alright until you reach the output stages then I don't seem able to produce the export outputs that I need. I think there might be the same problem with the PDFs that can be output.


Actually, the template is set up to allow this. You just need to add the "T/L" and "B/B" text elements to the beginning of your score (T/L for the top staff, B/B for the bottom) to tell MuseScore to send the playback for the two voices of each staff to different subchannels. Then in View / Mixer, you can expand the channel strip for each staff to see those subchannels.

I don't recall exactly when it got last changed though, but it did (and by me), see Marc's reply

Edit: actually that was in efbdbff, on 6th November 2018, so in 3.0.
There had been futher changes to that template though too, last in 768cb09, on 19th February 2021 (not yet released)

Hi Mark
Thank you for the information.
Can you please help me a little further.
If I am setting up a new Barbershop score at what point do I add the text and which text do I choose eg is system text or some other designation.
Also If I am trying to change an existing score do I have to highlight a start note or some other element and add the text also text type as previous question.
Finally not directly related, should I be using Treble voices 1 and 2 and Bass voices 1 and 2.
I take it that the master slave set up is then totally overridden.
Eric Hargreaves

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Voice 1 and 2 in either staff, yes. And the T/L and B/B texts from the text palette of the advanced workspace, and to the 1st note or rest in the corresponding staff.
Whether that works with an existing score depends on the score.
Not sure about what you mean by master/slave?

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Hi Mr Jojo-Schmitz
I was referring to the change making the Tenor and Tenor Lead, and Baritone and Bass volume controls asking if they would all become fully independent.
Without adding the T/L and B/B text they are not completely independent.
Master slave might not be the right way to look at it so not important.

If separate parts PDF export was also available that would be a useful addition.

In advanced mode I have now found the pallet, text selection for T/L and B/B and have got it working. I kept looking in the wrong place under Add, text, so thank you very much for the help. I had tried searching the on line handbook but could not find anything.
Thanks again.

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