Articulations for VST (MIDI)

• Jul 17, 2021 - 20:01

Following this ( tutorial, I have managed to use my VSTs as playback sounds for MuseScore. The problem is that articulations don't work. I know for sure that my VSTs articulations and dynamics work: If I set a note as key switch from my VST, I can change the articulation from MuseScore (but this is an unusable as I always have to introduce a new note just to change articulations). I certainly don't fully understand how all of this works, but is there a way to just put the staccato mark on a note in MuseScore and VST to understand it as such (without adding key switches) ?

I'm not saying it is broken, but I'm not sure how I would simplify my processes (I seriously don't enjoy music this way).

P.S. My DAW is reaper, and I'm using a Spitfire VST.


If you add a staccato to a note in MuseScore, it should play it back shorter, and that information should go out via JACK as well as direct MIDI output. But it doesn't use key switches; it simply plays the note shorter (eg, send a note-off message sooner than it would otherwise). Are you saying you don't see the duration being shorter at all? How about using the built-in synthesizer in MuseScore?

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It's hard to imagine what your DAW could be doing wrong to cause it to not interpret the difference in durations properly. Maybe it is applying some sort of duration quantization you need to disable? But the fact that the playback within MuseScore plays the note staccato demonstrates the duration is shortened, and that's the same data that goes out via MIDI.

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As you can see from my main reply, I got it working, but I would require a little more help. How could I go controlling my VST dynamics from MuseScore? As I understand, dynamics are controlled from the Mod Wheel (most of the time). Is there a similar feature in MuseScore, so that I could control dynamics from notation (pp, ff, etc.). Or is there a way to change my VST settings so that dynamics are controlled from velocity? Thanks, for all the help, btw.

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I have noticed this with Spitfire. (both BBC and LABS) I got staccato but dynamics are a problem. Just loaded trumpets and it failed on accents and a single note dimuendo. I read that it relies on the mod wheel which is cc1. Musescore also has cc1 in the dropdown which works with dynamics including single note. Reaper has the JS plug-in for mapping source and target. So maybe the clue is here. I hate to reinstall Reaper since much can be fixed on the audio side for my needs. But I am always intrigued watching music notation symbols translate well into playback through an external app. What did you do in Reaper?

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