I saved my composition but when I opened it, it was blank

• Jul 17, 2021 - 15:45

I was composing a piece and I had to leave so I saved the score t so that I could come back to it later.
But when I came back to it to work on it, the file was there but all the notes on the composition was blank.
I had auto save on. is there a way to restore a previous save? I tried to restore pervious versions but there was none. what should I do? it was one of my best ones yet but now its gone...


If you opened a file and it doesn't not contain the notes that were there when you saved, there is only one explanation - the file you opened is not the file you saved. Apparently you somehow created two copies of the file - either through using Save As, or perhaps after a crash recovery, or you might have accidentally opened the backup copy of the score instead of the real one.

Do you know the exact pathname of the folder you saved the score to? If so, be sure to go to that exact folder when opening your score e- don't just rely on the "recent files" list.

If not, use your computer's built-in search facility to find all files ending in ".mscz" that were modified yesterday (or whatever day you last saved it). if you need help using your computer's built-in search facility do a web search to find more - Windows, macOS, and Linux all provide tools for this, but they all work differently.

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Same answer as above, then: if you saved a file with music, then opened a file and it's blank, there is only one possible explanation: the file you opened is not the file you saved. So be sure to read through the reply for further insight into how you might have found yourself opening the wrong file and how you might find the right one, and if you need further help, don't hesitate to ask - but be sure to provide more details about the various things discussed above.

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