Terrible noises and chord and notes sustain for entire song

• Jul 15, 2021 - 12:04

I have a severe problem. I have acquired a second laptop and installed the latest MuseScore. Songs now sustain their chords for the entire song and all sorts of other noises start occurring, buzzing pops and the like - very loud. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but the problem reoccurs . Henry


ll only very rarly fixes issues wih MuseScore, reverting to factory setting much much more often so.
Reinstall keeps the old (and possibly bogus) settings.

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Thanks Jojo. I should ad that this does not happen on my current lap top - the one I have been using for some years and it has the latest version of MuseScore installed. I always update - apart from the age old problem that I discussed with guys several time with the system crashing if I accidentally dislodge the headphone jack which feeds my speakers, but I have learned to live with this. The problem is with the SECOND lap top. It has Windows 10, the latest Musescore. What I do is copy songs from my old lap top using a flash drive and then place this in the USB port of the second lap top and then download the songs into the Music folder of the C Drive of this laptop. The problem occurs with all scores. I have added a file- my version of Van Morrison's 'Into The Mystic'

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In response to jm6stringer, the problem of crashing occurs no matter what I plug into the headphone jack of my laptops - headphones , active speakers or all types (JBL, Tannoy, Yamaha), and the problem of terrible noises and sustaining notes and chords seem only to occur on my second lap top. so it maybe that lap top has a problem, but thanks for your comments and suggestions. Also there is never (so far!!) any problem playing the files outside Musescore as mp3 as I often do. I often upload them as Whatapp attachments for friends to hear, and I always check them myself. I add these mp3s onto my iTunes library and they play fine. Henry

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