Playing Musescore MIDI Files on Roland LX706

• Jul 12, 2021 - 01:13

Hi All,

When I downloaded the midi files from Musescore and try to play them on my Roland LX706, my Roland defaults to GM2--36: Piano 1. It will play the file; however, the LX706 will not switch to other instruments. I have tried importing and export using Musescore, Finale, and Logic and nothing has worked.

Roland Piano Support Responded:
"The LX706 can play back a Standard MIDI File, which could have different GM tones (General MIDI tones) on all 16 parts. This would require editing the file in a computer to add the GM reset command, and a program change / bank select message for each track to select the sound. Each track would need to be on a different MIDI channel also.

This follows the standard SMF file structure, so if you purchased a Standard MIDI File from a company that sells these, they would have the same type of setup. There isn’t a way to do this on the LX706, so it would need to be done in a sequencer on a computer.

I am not sure Finale can do this correctly. Probably need something like Sonar or Cubase."

Rolands response is a little over my head. I have reached out to sales representatives at Guitar Center (Pro Audio), Sweetwater (Sound Engineer), and all three levels of Apple Creative Project support. No luck. I'm hoping you all can help me.

I have attached two files.

"Hurd - Jesus, the gift divine I know.mid" plays on the Roland, and I can change the instruments.
I scanned the sheet music with "Music Scanner," an app from the Apple App Store. Afterward, I put it into Finale and changed all of the channels to 1.

"Schubert - Erlkonig.mid" plays on the Roland; however, I cannot change the instruments.
I downloaded the Schubert piece from Musescore.

Thank you,


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Glad it worked!

You wrote:
Is there a way to export MIDI files this way through Musescore?

That's not easy to answer, as I do not know where your Schubert MIDI file came from. Was it a .mscz file opened in MuseScore and then exported using File -> Export...?

You also wrote: did you fix the file?

The Schubert file does play on your Roland, so it's not really "broken" -- requiring a "fix" to make it work. The difference between the two MIDI files is that the Schubert does not let you change the instruments on the Roland.
Comparing the two MIDI files in Anvil Studio (MIDI editing software) I saw how the Hurd MIDI was set up, and so I formatted the Schubert the same way.

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Do you have a Mac friendly application you would recommend...

You mentioned Logic. Can that edit MIDI files?
But maybe it's not necessary... continue reading.

You stated: "I downloaded the Schubert piece from Musescore."
Was it a MIDI file that you downloaded, or did you download the .mscz file?
This is important because the .mscz file is best suited for MuseScore, especially if you are editing the piece and then wish to export to MIDI. I can "format" the files exported from Musescore?

When notating in MuseScore with the intent of exporting as a MIDI file to be used elsewhere, you do have modest control over formatting.
For example...
I own a Yamaha digital piano with a built-in display which scrolls the sheetmusic as one plays along.
When exporting a MIDI file from MuseScore that I intend to use with that feature, I need to assign two piano instruments in MuseScore -- one for treble clef, one for bass -- so the exported MIDI file displays correctly on the Yamaha's screen.
This is not needed for standard playback -- i.e., just to listen to the music.

O.K., your Roland is equipped with other sounds e.g., harpsichord, organ, etc.

So in your case, you wish to hear your piano score switched to another instrument.
You do realize that you can use the MuseScore Mixer to preview different instrument sounds during playback without having to export to MIDI at all?
Also, you can change the piano to, say, harpsichord in the score itself, export as MIDI and it should sound as harpsichord in your Roland.

If your Roland has a MIDI or USB interface that can hook up to a computer, you may be able to play a score in MuseScore using Roland's built-in sounds.

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