Swing and Gracenotes/Arppeggios

• Jul 10, 2021 - 18:31

I'm hoping someone can give me a quick note below and explain how the swing setting is implemented and how I might work within that implementation to identify that "swing" is active (in style or in system/staff text settings) and define my desired grace chord placement.

I am the creator of the PB_OTB Plugin for bagpipe playback correction (basically a mashup of the colornotes plugin and the arpeggios plugin).

I've realized that it's incompatible with swing settings, and I want to make a version or an update that handles swing (running the current plugin cancels out/overwrites the swing playback).

I also realize from other forum posts that there is a known compatibility issue with grace chords and swing - the grace notes aren't adjusted by the swing implementation.

It seems like the Swing implementation doesn't change the actual mainnote on_time or length values, but just changes the playback - is that correct?


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