Assigning Different MIDI Channel to Bass Clef

• Jul 5, 2021 - 05:01

I think the title explains my situation. I play the Yamaha Clavinova piano, and I can import midi files into the smart piano app to be able to learn songs much more easily than just reading the sheet. However, when I import regular midi files, the bass and treble clefs end up being mixed together and it's hard to read whenever I want to actually look at the sheet instead of the stream lights. I accessed the song I wanted to play within musescore 3, but whenever I tried to change the midi channel, it would change the channel of both the treble and bass clefs. Is there any workaround for this?


When you create a piano score use 2 piano instruments: one for treble, one for bass clef. (Remove the unused clef for each instrument.) This way you will have 2 channels.

I have the same problem. At the moment, I download the file, add a new piano in MuseScore4 desktop app, and export as MIID again. This is really cumbersome.
Any way to download directly from MuseScore and just make it work?

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