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• Jul 1, 2021 - 17:05

Is is possible to have a leger line visible if there is no note attached? In the screen shot, I have a low D. I need to position a very unusual baroque ornament in the spot normally occupied by the D, with the line visible. If I attach the ornament to the d one octave above and then make the low D invisible, the leger line disappears.

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To me it was never a bug but rather something that is occasionally quite useful, as this thread suggests. But the number of cases where the ledger line should also be hidden is probably greater than the number where it shouldn't, and there are workaround to get the other behavior no matter which is the default. In this case, instead of making the note invisible, make it white, and set the stacking order below that of everything else (e.g., 0).

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See below. It has the same shape as the guidons commonly used in 18th c. French publications to indicate the first note on the following system, but that is not how it's used here (John Jones, Lessons for the Harpsichord, London 1764). It may indicate an optional lower octave, but no one knows for sure. (And it's not really an ornament . . . probably.)

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No invisible extra notes in this trick:
1. Use "fix to line" to bring the note visually downwards and have the ledger lines created
2. Use Chord Y-offset to move the note back to its original position
3. Attach your symbol (filter the master palette on "mensural" to find it)

Downsides: fix to line removes the display of any accidentals on your note.

Alternative visual only method: (3rd measure)
First attach a 2 staff line symbol to the note. Then attach the ornament to the staff line symbol

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