Unable to upload, 403 Error "Access Denied" [Fixed]

• Jul 1, 2021 - 02:24

I'm trying to upload my first piece here but I'm unable to. The upload button on the site itself leads to the 403 error the title mention, and using the "File > Save Online..." option in my Musecore 3 download prompts me with the sign-in window, but immediately closes after I sign in. It briefly changes to show a "Congratulations!" but anything after that is gone too quickly for me to read. Help?

Update, Possible solution: Make sure your account's email address is verified.


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The only thing I could try from those links and the links it led to was going to musescore.com instead of musescore.org. I do admit I was trying to press the upload button on musescore.org, but it has the same issue on musescore.com. I do notice that a possible issue is a score being too large; mine is 6 minutes and 28 seconds with a fair amount of notes, would that be it?

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