Diamond Slashes

• Jun 27, 2021 - 04:08

In most of the scores I've looked at, when there are whole or half notes written in rhythm notation they are diamond shapes not slashes. I think the slash shaped ones in Musescore look rather terrible. Is there a way to change them into diamonds instead? Could this be put in as a feature request?


If this is common enough in published music, then a style option might be a nice thing.

In the meantime: right-click one such note (ctrl-click on Mac) and choose Select > More…. Then tick "same duration" and "same type" to get all half/whole notes (you might want to turn on other limitations as well depending on your score, such as staff/voice). Then in the Inspector (F8) change the Head Group for the Note to "Diamond".

Not sure what publisher that comes from, but FWIW, the slash shape is pretty common. You might subjectively prefer the specific shape, though, if you switch to a different notation font in Format / Style / Score.

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