Visual Metronome Feedback

• Jun 26, 2021 - 22:12

Dear Musescore team

I want to use musescore to play as as "backtrack" for orchestral scores, e.g. me playing live piano but the orchestral parts coming from musescore.

However when the piano part goes solo in some parts, it is difficult to keep on tempo when the piano part contains tempo changes and then ensure you are at the right time when all other instruments joins in again. And if this is a live performance then the audible metronome click is not desirable. Therefore I wanted to develop a plugin than basically gives a small screen which blinks green on the first beat on the measure and another colour on the rest of the beats in the measure. Or have the musescore interface blink in this color. Or even be able to assign different colours on each beat in the measure. Or even a blinking play panel could work beautifully.

However it seems the metronome is not exposed in the plugin interface, therefore I am not able to hook into the metronome events.

Can you please advise if it would be possible to do something like this with the current plugin interface?

Kind Regards


> "Can you please advise if it would be possible to do something like this with the current plugin interface?"
Not easily; the metronome isn't even really available to the internal code as well and really "injected" during playback event generation.

What you could do (but isn't per se easy) is to parse the score yourself, reading time signatures and tempo markings and repeats and voltas and jumps and process that into something you could work with. Then see whether the scoreStateChanged event informs you when playback starts/stops or otherwise have play/pause buttons in your plugin instead and drive playback from there.

Dear Paulu,
I'm also looking for a visual metronome in MuseScore, and came across your post.
Did you find any solution...?


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