highlight lyrics for one part of SATB

• Jun 22, 2021 - 09:55

I have an SATB score and want to highlight my part for ease of reading.
Perhaps one of the following?
* draw a coloured box around ONE part of the lyrics,
* change the lyrics text colour for one part only
* changing one part to bold font
* any other clever idea!

I can create a PART and edit it separately, but that doesn't save onto the main score. Or does it? I can't see how.


You want to highlight your part in the main score? Right-Click on a lyric from your part, Select >All Similar Elements in Same Stave and then go to Inspector and change the colour, font size etc.

  1. "draw a coloured box around ONE part of the lyrics":
    (works like a highlighter)

  2. "change the lyrics text colour for one part only:"
    Right click on one lyric: Select -> More... -> Same subtype (e.g., verse number) -> OK to select.
    Then change color of lyrics text in the Inspector.

  3. "changing one part to bold font:"
    Select as above and choose B (bold) in the Inspector.

See examples:

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