Paste Voice 2 w/o Overwriting Voice 1?

• Jun 21, 2021 - 19:37

Eh, Houston, we have a problem...

When I try to paste a voice on top of another voice, MS always overwrites the first voice, or it wont paste at all.

To provide a simple example.

Assume one had a two measure melody as the fundamental, and you harmonized it at each beat with intervals of an octave above the fundamental. These are in Voice 1 by default.

Now select the upper melody (at the octave), and switch the selection to Voice 2.

Now copy them, and go to a new blank measure. Hit paste.

Nothing happens.

What seems to be the only way to get it to work is to copy the entire set of intervals, copy and paste them into the new (blank) measures, and then delete the bottom set.

That's not really the idea, though, since it is a more limited approach.

Is there a way to just copy and paste like a Voice 2 line into a blank measure (which by default carries a Voice one rest in it)?

Or, assuming there is already a line of notes in the new measure, then a way to superimpose the second voice?


If the goal was simply to split the existing octaves into two staves, no need to mess with any of this, just use Tools / Explode.

If you have some other reason to need to copy voice 2 without 1, be sure to make a range selection of the measure(s), not just a selection individual notes. Copy/paste requires a range., Use the the filter exclude voice 1 when copying, then re-enable it before trying to select the destination or you won't be able to.

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