Problem with scores synced with Youtube videos (on iPad - therefore slightly off topic)

• Jun 17, 2021 - 07:42

I know I'm bringing up a subject that strictly speaking doesn't belong here, but this forum is where the helpful and knowledgeable meet, so I'm deliberately taking the risk of a reprimand because it's not a musescore problem I'm asking for help with.

I especially love the scores where the notation is synced with a human performance on Youtube. On my iPad (Pro 1st gen), embedding the Youtube video doesn't really work well. Meanwhile, in Safari and Firefox, I don't get any audio output (but a permanent hour glass). In the iCab browser at least the midi sound is played. I can also get that via the app. Only for the real sound I would have to switch to Youtube and then but do not see the notes in parallel. Does anyone here happen to have a solution for the iPad ready?



Here's the reprimand ;-)

For what it's worth, on my windows PC with Vivaldi browser (chrome based) I often get an "infinite" progress indicator when I try to play the score the first time. What seems to work for me is to then press the play button on the YouTube video. Then pause/stop playback if the previous click didn't already do that, hit rewind and play again.

If the delay is caused by a loading delay on the iPad, then a rewind might get you good again because that content might now be cached.

YouTube-synched playback has never worked for me under any circumstances either on iOS (Safari or Chrome) or on my Android phone. I think it’s supported only on non-mobile devices but I don’t know why. (I haven’t had a problem getting playback on mobile gadgets - it’s just always the Musescore synth.)

I was hoping you’d get a better answer than mine, so that I could learn something too…

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