Edit tempo text in 2.0 beta 1

• Sep 4, 2014 - 16:40

Using 2.0 beta, can I edit tempo text created in 1.3?

My attached example has tempo text (Adagio) but no meter in the text body. In 1.3 I can modify the tempo by right clicking on the text "Adagio" and selecting tempo properties.

I don't see anything obvious to do the same in 2.0 beta.

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Yes, Inspector is one way of editing tempo. However, in many cases it isn't even necessary. If your tempo text itself is of the form "quarternote = 120" (or whatever), then MuseScore will by default *automatically* calculate the correct tempo from the text itself. However, while that option is enabled by default for new tempo markings you insert, I don't think it is for tempo markings in score imported from 1.3. You;d still need the Inspector to enable the "follow text" option.

But once enabled, it *is* pretty cool to just be able to edit the text and get the right tempo.

As I understand there is no in MS 2.0 text marks of a tempo (like "Adagio" etc. in ver. 1.3). But I need (and others, I'm sure) such marks as e.g. "meno mosso", "a tempo" and so on. Yes, for playing one can put note=number (BPM) and to get the absolute computer accuracy but for printing sheet a usual description seems to be more comfortable and more familiar. Or I couldn't find where such a text is placed in menus?

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