"Tuplet cannot cross barline" message incorrect

• Jun 16, 2021 - 02:15

Trying to insert a 5/8 measure between the surrounding measures of 3/4 (bar I'm trying to edit is the one with the sixteenth notes). Musescore keeps giving me ol' "Tuplet cannot cross barline" treatment. Obviously that isn't true, I'm not interacting with tuplets or making any cross barlines, I'm trying to change the entire time signature, the contents of which are limited to the one measure whose time signature I'm trying to change. Any suggestions?

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Since notes are already entered...
Try placing a (redundant) 3/4 time signature after the measure you want to make 5/8.
Then add the 5/8.
(This way the 5/8 won't affect everything downstream.- i.e, split the duplet)

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