Accordion register symbols of variable size

• Jun 15, 2021 - 20:52

The accordion register symbols from the built-in accordion palette are far too small for my personal needs. So I created a palette of my own with the accordion register special characters as system text. See attachment.
Add the symbols to a note like any system text. You can change the size in the Inspector. You might want to switch automatic placement OFF in some cases.
The palette contains just the symbols that are provided by my accordions. If you need different ones or want to create your own palette here's how I made it:
- add a system text somewhere in a score
- start editing the text
- open the special characters palette with F2
- open "Accordion" on the musical symbols tab
- click a register symbol to add it to the text
- set the desired initial size (I used 36)
- create a new palette
- press Shift+Ctrl and drag and drop the register symbol text to the palette
- continue and add any symbol you want (one by one) the same way
- save the palette
- have fun

Attachment Size
Akkordeonregister_(Systemtext).mpal 681 bytes


And again: I would like to see a category on (similar to plugins) to collect such and other stuff, easily to find and to download ;-).

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