Creating cue notes

• Jun 9, 2021 - 22:18

To insert cue notes, there is given an advice here:
Sorry, but that ist definitely nonsense. Cue notes have to appear only in the parts, and never in the complete score. No argument about that, please. Take a look in printed notes created 140 to 60 years ago e.g. on New material often does not work for permissible patterns. The main voice in the part that requires cue notes has to contain pauses, the (small) cue notes have to be written in another voice.
Entering cue notes became more difficult in ver 3.x of musescore, sad to say. Only workarounds can be found in the descriptions. There should be a tool (plug-in?) to create cue notes by only a few clicks. That should be noticed for the wish list. thx willi63 from northern Germany


My workaround there (and for some other things as well) is to create the printable "main score" also as a part, where you can leave out those cue instruments for example.

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