play held notes when starting from later bars

• Jun 8, 2021 - 19:35

Hi everyone,
I have several piece with notes held for longer than one bar. Still I sometimes want to check the sound for this specific time and for now, the only option I see is to start where the note begins.

Like in the dummy case: If I want to hear the last chord in bar 4, I have to start in bar 2 with the replay to hear.
Also skipping with arrow keys stops the held note to be played.

Any ideas?

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Aww, pity.
Anyway, thanks a lot for all the support you are giving. Also thanks for the quick reply!
For a software that is free and available on so many platforms, with so many features, i am much more thankful than sad about maybe one or two missing features.
Maybe in musescore 4? We will see!

Consider this as a possible workaround...

In your short example, you can delete the ties, then 'Undo' to restore them.

In a larger work, you can drag select (Shift+drag) to "lasso" the relevant area containing the ties so you can delete the ties only in that "lassoed" range selection.
(i.e., Right click a tie in the "lasso" and Select -> All Similar Elements in Range Selection)
Listen to playback of the full chord, then 'Undo' to restore the deleted ties.


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