Configure MIDI exports

• Jun 7, 2021 - 00:07

One of the features I really appreciate is the ability to export my score as a midi file. However when I do this and then load the midi file into my DAW I find that the data is not organized very well. For example, on a file I recently was working with, Track 1 ended up on midi channel 4, Track 2 ended up on midi channel 8, Track 3 was also on channel 8, Track 4 was on channel 1, etc. It would be much easier to work with if Track 1 came out on Channel 1, Track 2 came out on channel 2, etc. This would be true except for the drum track which by convention is usually placed on channel 10.

Also the export produces multiple tracks that have no note events but do contain various controller events such as patch changes, wheels, etc. on a multiplicity of channels. This makes it difficult to track down what is actually going on during playback.

My suggestion is this:
Create a dialog before the export wherein the user can assign the channel number he wants assigned to each track. These settings should be saved for reuse on the next midi export. Place ALL events associated with the individual staff into the same output track and channel unless the user specifies that these should go into a separate "controller track".

I appreciate your consideration and a great piece of software.


Check the MIDI channel settings in the mixer.

By default (when creating a score) the instruments just indeed start filling up from track1ch1 and follow each other consecutively with the exception for percussion, which is tied to ch10.

What is likely throwing you off is that there are a number of instruments (such as guitar / violins) that take up multiple channels to accommodate their different playback styles: also note the expand arrow on the mixer tracks for them, revealing those sub tracks.

Mixer MIDI channel assignments are saved in the score.

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