"Cannot Read File" constantly appearing

• Jun 5, 2021 - 20:53

Today I was writing a drum cadence and decided to take a break so I saved it, made a backup and closed out. When I got back on, I tried to load the main file and the backup, but both said "Cannot Read File C:" etc. My 4-5 hours of work is gone and this is the 5th time it has deleted all of my work. Please help me with this because I am unimaginably angry right now.


Does unfortunately sound like your drive is failing. Are you on Windows? If so, and you didn't deliberately disable OneDrive when you set up your computer, probably there is a safe copy there. But you may need to get a new drive and/or computer first otherwise the same thing might go wrong when you download it from OneDrive.

Do you see the file using Windows explorer?
If so can you attach it here?
Also, when you try to open it from MuseScore is it from "recent file" or by navigating to the folder ?
If from recent files then try by navigating.
If you still get the same error message attach a complete screen capture here

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