Text flow controls

• Jun 5, 2021 - 10:19

This is a call for discussion. I often think it would be useful to have better control over how text is arranged in relation to measures and music.

For example, I am often struggling to correct tempo markings that stick out into the margins, such as the text "Cadenza" in the following example:


Would it be feasible to introduce some kind of text flow properties into all text objects? What kind of model would fit for MuseScore?

Lilypond has a command \textLengthOn (and \textLengthOff, respectively) that controls whether text and music may overlap. See this illustration from the lilypond manual:
That would solve some flow problems, maybe not all. Is there a MuseScore equivalent?


Not currently. This is definitely a problem that could use a good solution. FWIW, though, I don't think artificially expanding the measure would be a good choice in most cases. Better to just put the measure to the next system if you can't get away with moving the text a bit to the left.

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