Hide instrument name--is this possible?

• Jun 4, 2021 - 20:25

MS 3.5.2..., Win 10

The attached score contains two versions of the same piece, on the same page. In the second version only, is it possible to hide the instrument name? I've hidden the Voice instrument because it's empty there; I'd like to hide the Organ instrument name because it's superfluous with Voice hidden, but it affects both versions. There's no dialog (that I've found) to hide it selectively. With it selected the Inspector panel is empty.

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674_Shalom.mscz 23.05 KB


I don't think you can but you could approach it from a different direction by not having any instrument names on the staves but by inserting a horizontal frame at the beginning and adding text to it.

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Chaverim.mscz 22.62 KB

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