Strange measure numbering

• Jun 4, 2021 - 01:35

MS 3.5.2...; Win 10.

Admittedly this (attached) is rather a strange "piece"; it's really six separate pieces on a single page. (It took some doing to lay it out this way.) What is puzzling me is what it's doing with measure numbering. I could turn it off altogether but that's beside the point right now. It just has me curious what's going on.

Measure numbers just appear and disappear almost randomly on the first full measure of pieces C and E, depending what edits I make elsewhere. And when they appear they don't seem to make sense. In C I've seen 4 and 7, and if I subtract 3 from the first measure of B then C comes up -2. In E I've seen 8 and 11, and other values if I subtract 3 or 4 elsewhere. As I attached it, with no subtractions anywhere no measure numbers are showing. But make a few edits here and there and they're likely to pop up, or if they're up, to go away. I can't explain it.

Does a section break reset the measure numbering to 1? Sometimes it seems to; sometimes not. (I've put two in the score.)

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Seems you're still using an older version of MuseScore. There were a few known issues with measure number appearing / not appearing correctly upon edits after a section break, depending on whether the break was added to a measure or to a frame as you have done here. The known bugs are fixed in the current code, although I think there is one of those fixes still pending release, so it's still not perfect in 3.6.2 - should be much better though.

FWIW, I think you worked rather harder than necessary to create this. You didn't need the vertical frames, and also, had you used section breaks at the end of each system, you wouldn't have needed to disable the courtesy key signatures manually.

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