A space before the first measure, how to remove

• May 31, 2021 - 14:22

Hello, I am wondering how to remove the gap or space in the first measure in ver. 6, as I do not want to have the unnecessary gap on the first measure as I get used to the older versions have do not have any gaps or space in the first measure. Thank you

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But do not, [ edit: this is a typo, I meant to write "note" ] the vast majority of published music includes an indent like this, that is why we added it. Only disable it if you have a special reason to, like you are producing music in one of the specific contexts where indent is not normal, like an educational worksheet, or a leadsheet.

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Typo, see my correction above. I'm pointing out indent is the norm in most music. So I'm suggesting that one leave the indent in place unless you are working in a context where it is not common. In other words, don't turn it off just because it isn't how it worked in previous versions and so it caught you by surprise at first. Turn it off if you have information that in the specific context in which you are working, the people actually reading your music would not want to see the indent.

For my piano students I created a Musescore template (.mscz) and converted it to musicxml so that a PHP script can access the xml and update the notes to random notes an create a pdf. (The idea is to create random notes and the students can practise the note names).

In the original mscz file I disabled the first system indention as described above. When exporting it to musicxml and reopen it in musescore the first system is indented again and same for the pdf.

This happens when I use the export dialog as well when converting via cli.

Any ideas how to disable the first system indention in musicxml?

Thanks and many greetings from Freiburg, Germany

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