*Unnormalize causing Distortion crackles artefacts in exported audio file

• May 30, 2021 - 21:32

Was running 3.62 ok then suddenly noticed issues with pops spikes distortion , uninstalled re-installed old v3 beta which always worked fine, still problematic, then installed 3.6.1 now all the same

Normalised audio files are OK
, unchecking ie Unnormalized are NOT

i need unnormalized audio, Normalised sounds absolutely horrible thin flat.

it would appear that all versions have problems with Unnormalized

I installed and checked on two of my machines a desktop and laptop both have with loads of Ram


Solved........ dam master volume was up too high, how i did not see/notice is beyond belief, some tracks are very soft so did not matter ,

Foobar actually reports a corrupted file, if its too loud.

so After uninstalling and reinstalling maybe 4-5 times on different machines, numerous exports comparing blah blah.

Silly boy i am. What i was worried about was my actual scores were corrupted, Thousands of hours of work i am not joking.

Trying to do to much, too quickly......................

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