How to change the size/shape of a note

• May 30, 2021 - 04:00

I would like to make the diamond shaped percussion notes larger, especially open notes (half notes or whole notes). I understand there's a note editor, but I'm not sure how to get there and what to do once I'm there. I tried Edit Element, but that did nothing. And the Notes option under Style doesn't appear to provide a way to change the size of the notes.

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For what it's worth, Leland doesn't have a whole note diamond yet but we'll add one, and make it less anaemic than Bravura's, which is being used here.

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We should have a new release of Leland in the next week or two with various updates and fixes, but I don't suppose that'll be available to use in MuseScore until v4 is released (at least, not easily).

There is a l.v. tie in Leland (Unicode slots E4BA and E4BB). It's available from the Articulations palette, but MuseScore positions these in a very silly way (centered above the note) so unfortunately you'll need to adjust the placement manually.

I know you also saw my answer on FB, but for the record, there is no "note editor", but there is that drumset editor, assuming this is a drum staff. There are three different diamond-shaped heads to select from in any given font (diamond, diamond (old), and mi). Plus different music fonts to select in Format / Style / Score. Pretty sure no one really likes the default diamond that much so seeing it enlarged would probably make a lot of people happy.

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I wound up using the one called Diamond white notehead (wide). I think it was a little bigger than the "mi" and a little smaller than the one called Large white diamond. It will work okay for now. And I'm glad to finally learn how to edit the drums. Thanks as always for your help, Marc!

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