Distortion crackles artifacts in exported audio file

• May 29, 2021 - 19:30

Hi on some pieces when i export either wav or flac, there are some spikes hisses pops etc , only in certain spots not continuous. wondering what it is? irritating.

.foobar audio player .gives this error,
File verification error: Nonsensical most significant bits - the file is corrupted

it also does it inn Audacity & W media player,

when i deleted all music all staves eg bar 5 in the bar with problem it is ok no disttoion spikes,

i unplugged my laptop from wall, and disconnected from hi-fi thinking it may be household electric problem it is not.

Any ideas?


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Here is a score its not complete version, when you export it has faults, as i described, i have reinstalled Musescore same version current, fiddled changed MME Directsound Wasapi retc no difference still flacky.

I have many score from MS 3 etc 2017/18 was thinking maybe old score but no it is doing it with current score.

Musecore it self appears to work fine, just the exported audio ( i did chnge export sample rate back to 44.1 no differenece. I am wondering Windows 10 update possibly, but then again all audio is working fine from laptop out thro a Cyrus DAC,

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Update uninstalled 3.6.2 Thoroughly and registry etc re-installed v Beta which i used for a few months it worked fine,

seems like problem not Musescore but elsewhere as isaid Musescore 3.62 works fine expect for exported audio. all players W Media audacity etc play the files ok but have spikes ops etc , only Foobar gives an actual error message.

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