Click on certain objects makes view jump to first page of score

• May 29, 2021 - 18:29

I have found that when I am working on a score for a long time, I sometimes get this weird behaviour: when I click on a certain item (e.g. the number 3 belonging to a triplet), the view jumps to the first page of the score. Notably, it will also take me to the score when I'm actually working in a part. You can watch exactly that in the attached screen recording.

This behaviour is repeatable, but when I close the score and reopen it, the issue is gone and I get normal click behaviour.

Therefore, I haven't managed to produce a minimal example to reproduce this. I guess, it must have to do with a score that got corrupted in memory during edits, that's why I'm posting in the forum instead of issue tracker.

Has anybody else experienced this?

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My best suggestion for videos is to upload to YouTube or whatever then simply posting a link. But videos are seldom very helpful. if you do get to the point of having a specific score and precise steps to reproduce, that's what we really need.

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