Converting songs to midi and Mysescore.

• May 29, 2021 - 10:12


This may be a long shot but I don't know too much about these things. I am able to obtain free midi scores and easily convert them to Musescore files. Now is it possible to take any song, say from iTunes, r any music source, and convert it to Musescore, by going the midi route. Therefore do I have to have special hardware to made a midi of a piece of music that interests me so I can get it into Musecore from there - or can it be done wholly within the Musescore app..




In general, no it's no possible to take arbitrary audio files and automatically turn them into MIDI data. There are experimental programs that can attempt to do this and have some small success with extremely simple examples - a single instrument playing one note at a time - but technology is nowhere close to being to do it with random songs.

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